Qualität/ Zertifikate

Die Sicherstellung der Qualität unserer Produkte und Prozesse, sowie die Befriedigung der Kundenanforderungen - dies sind die zentralen Grundsätze von Mahr´s Qualitätspolitik.

  •  Aus diesem Grund haben der Großteil der Unternehmen innerhalb der Mahr Gruppe ein zertifiziertes Qualitätsmanagementsystem nach DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.
  •  Viele der Kunden von Mahr zählen zur Automobilindustrie, aus diesem Grund ist die Mahr GmbH Göttingen zusätzlich nach VDA 6.4 zertifiziert.

    Mahr betreibt Labore des Deutschen Kalibrierdienst (DKD). 


Conflict Minerals (3TG) policy
As a company aware of its social and environmental responsibilities, we consider compliance with applicable laws and policies as the foundation of our integrity and as a core building block of our business.
Mahr GmbH is not listed on the US stock exchange and therefore not directly obliged to dis-close and, if necessary, submit a report on conflict materials used. Also a direct relation to the entire supply chain of the US-listed companies does not affect the Mahr GmbH, since it is not a supplier in the true sense. A supplier is an industrial company or distributor that sup-plies companies with products that they process and / or further process. Mahr GmbH de-velops, produces and distributes measuring equipment under its own brand name. These end products are needed in the production of the customer, but do not flow into its products. At the European level, no legal obligation corresponding to Sec. 1502 Dodd-Frank Act is given.
Even without specific legal obligations, Mahr GmbH is fully aware of its responsibility in the supply chain. The sustainability of the supply chain and the responsible procurement of raw materials are understood by Mahr GmbH as a voluntary commitment. Applicable directives and regulations are consistently pursued and strictly observed.
With regard to the Dodd-Frank Act § 1502, the Mahr Group is currently in the process of in-tegrating appropriate processes in order to avoid purchasing conflict materials originating in Central Africa. Due to our diversity of materials, intensive contact with our well-known sup-pliers is required to uncover the penetration of the complete supply chain. We currently can-not give a guarantee on the non-use of conflict materials, but assure you that we pursue the topic in relation to the goals of the Dodd-Frank Act § 1502.