High-precision length measurement - Now with a larger application range

Längere Prüflinge wirtschaftlich und hochgenau prüfen: die neue Längenmessmaschine Precimar PLM 1000-E von Mahr

Testing longer specimens economically and highly accurately:
The new length measuring machine Precimar PLM 1000-E from Mahr



The Precimar PLM 1000-E from Mahr offers a new standard in highly accurate length measurements: for the measurement of test specimens up to 1,000 mm, the measuring station offers more speed and measuring comfort. A new control, a new object table with increased accuracy in Z, motorized Y-axis and a motorized tilt axis (TB) accelerate measurements and calibrations in measurement rooms and measurement laboratories.

Mahr now offers the new precision length measuring machine Precimar PLM 1000-E for the highly accurate measurement of longer test specimens. The high-end measuring system is used for the absolute and relative measurement of precision products and test equipment up to 1,000 mm long. The measuring station is a further development or extension of the Precimar PLM 600-E used by reference customers worldwide. The innovations offer the user more comfort and bring significantly more precision and safety into the measurements – this is why the "E" in the name stands for "Economy". The length comparator has the proven MarEcon control. The measuring machine also realizes automated measurement sequences, making measurements more efficient and minimizing the influence of the operator. The application range of the Precimar PLM series has been extended from 600 mm to 1000 mm.

Two new functionalities characterize the measuring system: a modular motorized object table and the new height adjustment of the object table in Z. The now motorized Y-axis allows a quick reversal point determination and thus a faster calibration of test equipment. Due to the automation in the Y-axis, subjective influences during the tracing of the measurement object are reduced. A unique feature is that a manual Y-adjustment is still possible. Automatic measuring force tracking during reversal point search is also available for all measuring methods. The tried and tested Z-guidance system including the scale system has now also been integrated into the Precimar PLM 1000-E. Advantage for the user: more stiffness of the Z-axis. The motorized tilting axis (TB) is used to precisely align the test specimen.

The high-end measuring system is characterized by a small length measurement deviation (MPEE1 = (0.085 + L / 1500) μm, positional deviation (0.07 + L / 2000) μm). Using the "free measuring dynamic" software function supplied in the standard, the user can carry out measurements on thin-walled (elastic) measuring objects, which would be deformed with real measuring forces and would thus be erroneously measured.

All measurements are carried out with the user-friendly and proven Precimar 828 WIN software with the possibility of monitoring the test equipment by the Precimar GMS 100 software. The user controls the machine from a mobile and ergonomic control panel. The panel positions the machine exactly where it is needed, and thus carries out every movement economically. The measurement is carried out by means of software via TFT monitors which are installed in the optimum viewing direction of the operator. The measurement data can be exported through different interfaces.

The DAkkS / DKD laboratory of Mahr in Göttingen is accredited for the calibration of horizontal length measuring devices and offers worldwide the service to issue DAkkS / DKD calibration certificates for length measuring devices. The default setting: The calibration is carried out by means of a mechanical contacting on traceable gage blocks. The customer benefit is that the calibration is carried out just like the later measurements and is therefore very reliable. Through a calibration, Mahr customers receive objective measurement results and document their production quality.


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