Monitor measuring stations and use them more efficiently

MarWin Remote Monitor (rechter Monitor) liefert Daten, mit denen mehrere Messplätze überwacht und besser ausgelastet werden können.

MarWin Remote Monitor (monitor on right) provides data
to monitor and better utilize several measuring stations.


With the Mahr Remote Monitor software tool, manufacturing companies monitor the status of their MarWin measuring stations and document their utilization. The data obtained is valuable in order to optimize processes and productivity in quality assurance. The Mahr Remote Monitor supports enterprises to operate their measuring stations even more economically.


Are measuring stations fully utilized and are they working economically? This is the question work planners and quality assurance staff in manufacturing companies ask themselves. The Mahr Remote Monitor software tool from Mahr provides the data to answer this question. At the same time, the software allows better planning of measurements at MarWin measuring stations. The software documents the machine status and thus the utilization of measuring stations. With the help of this software, companies recognize which measuring program elements take too long. The data obtained with the software can be used for process optimization. The Mahr Remote Monitor supports enterprises to operate their measuring stations even more economically.

The Mahr Remote Monitor tool collects data from all MarWin measuring stations centrally on one computer. The user accesses and evaluates this data. A "traffic light system" on the desktop shows the current activities: standstill, operation or malfunction. By default, data is collected, such as the names of the last running measurement programs, average run times, or error-free runs of these programs. The tool can also receive data from measurement programs via an additional program block. For example, comments such as "Start centering and tipping" and "End centering and tipping" can be sent from the program to the remote monitor. With the integrated interface of the Mahr Remote Monitor, this data is exported to the measuring machine and can be used for any statistics. All these data and facts are crucial to improve and speed up audit processes. Expensive "capacity guzzlers" are recognized or conclusive evidence for future investments provided.

The Mahr Remote Monitor has been developed by Mahr as a "SMAHRT Product" - as a software tool for the networked and smart factory of Industry 4.0. It collects the meaningful data that is important as part of the "big data" to control and optimize processes. The tool is included the software platform MarWin starting with the new Version 10. It can be used with all standard MarWin measuring stations of the product groups MarSurf, MarForm, MarShaft and MarGear.


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