Measuring stations for individual customer demands

Mahr "Engineered Solutions" offer customer-specific
measuring solutions – here: an automated measuring station
with robot loading

With "Engineered Solutions", Mahr units its competences for customer-specific measuring stations

Manufacturing companies are increasingly demanding the optimum quality control of their workpieces according to specific solutions of measurement tasks. With "Engineered Solutions", Mahr offers individually designed measuring stations worldwide – from the simple manually operated solution to the fully automated solution with robotic loading for inline measurements. Mahr designs and distributes these solutions in Europe, America and Asia – including advising and after-sales service.

For decades, Mahr has been meeting the challenges of many customers with "Engineered Solutions". As one of the world's leading manufacturers of manufacturing metrology as an application specialists the company offers measurement solutions that are tailored to the requirements of individual workpieces and quality assurance requirements in production companies. With manual, semi- or fully automatic measuring devices, dimensional features can be measured, such as diameter, length, distance, height, position, concentricity and roundness as well as surface and complex contour features. The aim is always to measure these features quickly, simply, precisely and reliably – whether in the measuring room, directly on the production island or integrated into the production line.

"Engineered Solutions" unites customer-specific measurement solutions with the know-how of various product group from Mahr, such as n be high-end devices from "MarSurf" for contour and surface measurement, measuring stations from "MarSolution" using the components of the Millimar program or the shaft measuring stations from "MarShaft", which are integrated into robot-assisted sequences. Depending on the measurement task, we rely on tactile, pneumatic or optical sensors. In addition, we integrate desired functions into the measuring device, such as weighing or engraving workpieces.

Mahr builds on its own decades of experience in this field and has been marketing these for a long time worldwide. The site of "Engineered Solutions" in Göttingen is joined by the competence of the Mahr Group companies MWF Roland Friedrich GmbH (Grossostheim/Germany), SMPR (Grand Couronne/France) and Mahr Federal (Providence/USA). In addition, we are available in many countries through our worldwide sales organization. Mahr is also very well positioned in Asia in regards to customer-specific measuring stations:  At the Mahr location in Suzhou, China, Mahr has its own location from where customers are given comprehensive support, but customized solutions are planned and produced locally. This allows the services of "Engineered Solutions" to be provided internationally.


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