Data matrix code

Until now, a Data Matrix Code (DMC Code) could only be scanned with a data matrix reading system and read by MarWin. This information is used to call up measuring programs, for documentation or for data export.  

With the program described here, information can now also be printed out as a DMC code. Information can be entered texts or measuring results from measurements included the names of the characteristics and their corresponding tolerances.

The description of the example programs and the installation of the sub-programs with the example data is described in the measuring programs. Integrated in a sub-program is the open-source program "EncodeDataMatrix.exe" (LGPL) from Michael Faschinger (michivo) that generates the DMC code.

For program installation and editing, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

MarWin Version 8.0 and higher
License for MarSurf XC2 or XC20 and MarSurf XP for the measuring program „Demo_DMC_Contour.mpr“ and
license for ProfessionalForm for the measuring program „Demo_DMC_Roundness.mpr“

In demo operation, the software is available for testing for 30 days so that  the programs can be used during this time even without licenses.

Example program for documentation of a DMC with MarEdit and QE-CONTOUR

The size and placement of the DMC code in the measuring record can be adjusted with MarEdit:

The reference of the X-position (POS_X) is the left edge and the reference of the Y-position (POS_Y) the lower edge of the protocol sheet. The zero point is thus the left lower edge of the protocol sheet.

The size of the DMC code is determined with the parameter „WIDTH“.

The content of the DMC code is allocated using the parameters “data”.

In the example program, the contents are also depicted as ASCII in the measuring record in addition to the DMC code. Texts in the measuring record are deleted by uncommenting or deleting the command DRAW TEXT and, if applicable, the commands PRINTF.

Recording the measuring results in DMC code

Measuring results can be recorded as a DMC code as follows:


The characteristic name, the measuring value, the tolerances and the date and the time of the measurement are read and recorded. The result was shown in an example from QE CONTOUR.

Example program to document a DMC codes with MarEdit and QE-ROUNDNESS

In this example program, the measuring value is created with QE ROUNDNESS.



Based on these examples, all other MarWin applications from Version 8 and higher can be expanded in MarScript with the protocolling of the Data Matrix Code.

For further information, our staff from the Application Technology Dept. are there to assist you. Please contact them by email:

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Programs and data can be downloaded here. The password to open the zip file is "Mahr“.

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MarWin documents the data matrix code 
Date: 2016-05-10