MarOpto FI 1150 Z Fizeau interferometer
Powerful 150 mm Fizeau interferometer for flats and spherical surfaces
The MarOpto FI 1150 Z offers contactless measurements on flats and spherical lenses. It can also be used for transmitted wavefront measurements of optical components and assemblies. Measurements may be made by means of simple interference fringe analysis or phase-modulated interferogram analysis. The established IntelliWave Software offers superior measurement and analysis capability. The MarOpto FI 1150 Z provides the versatility and reliability to handle today's advanced applications.

  • Total USB connectivity option (laptop or desktop) with 1k x 1k true spatial resolution
  • Excellent versatility, stability and repeatability
  • 1x to 6x zoom, focus and attenuation controls
  • Vibration-insensitivity can be accomplished via Mahr's IntelliPhase Static Spatial Carrier Acquisition and Analysis Software
  • Compact, lightweight and rugged design
  • Compatible with all industry standard 6" (150 mm) reference optics and accessories
  • Configurations include horizontal, vertical look up and vertical look down. Optional workstations for flats and for radius of curvature measurements
  • Applications

  • Measurement of flat, concave or convex surfaces
  • Prism, corner cube, wedge angle and homogeneity measurements
  • Measurement of machined, ceramic, and wafer surfaces
  • Wavefront analysis of optical systems components
  • Integration into OEM systems