MarOpto MT 100 Measuring Towers
Mahr presents the Fizeau interferometer measuring towers of the MarOpto MT series. These are modern workshop interferometer towers for operation close to production. Vertical tower solutions offer easy handling of lenses, quick measurement, including vibration damping and requires little space. Besides testing form deviation, towers with scales can towers with scales can produce highly accurate radius measurements as well. Motorized axes allow easy and fast operation.

The MarOpto MT 100 is a high precision Fizeau interferometer measuring tower for the testing of spherical and flat glass surfaces. The stable and vibration-isolated design makes this 4“ interferometer measuring tower an ideal tool for the production of high-performance optics. Also available as an inverse measuring tower MarOpto MT 100i.

Highest precision in the production environment:
  • Rigid granite tower with passive vibration isolation by four shock absorbers
  • Measuring table with clearance-free bearings on linear slides
  • Measuring table positioner via a servo motor and ball screw
  • Fine selection of speed using joystick
  • Manual fine adjustment of the measuring table with fine thread screw via backlash-free preloaded precision cross-roller guides
  • 3-axes table: Z-axis in the basic unit and cross table for lenses up to 100 mm
  • High precision glass scale for the absolute measurement of radii, mounted close to the optical axis (Abbe comparator principle)
  • Applications
  • Options

  • Non-contact measurement and evaluation of spheres and spherical components in the field of micro-optics.
  • Interferometer for optics up to 100 mm diameter

  • The interferometer measuring tower MarOpto MT 100 can optionally be expanded with a lens extension, lens protection and lens holder
  • Remote control for focus and zoom
  • Tilting table 120 mm