MarOpto MT 150p Measuring Towers
The MarOpto MT series provides various versions of modern workshop interferometer towers for use in the production environment. The vertical tower solutions offer simple lens handling, include vibration damping, and require minimal floor space. In addition to yoke testing, the towers with a scale ensure highly accurate radii measurements can be completed. Motorized axes help to complete tasks quickly and easily.

MarOpto MT 150p is a highly accurate Fizeau interferometer measuring tower used for testing individual flat surfaces or multiple supporting structures in lens production. The highly accurate kinematics and the interferometer with a beam diameter of up to 150 mm / 6" make this measuring tower the perfect tool for the production of high-performance lenses.

MarOpto FI 1100 Z and MarOpto FI 1150 Z are the powerful Mahr interferometers used in the MarOpto MT 150p:
  • High precision, vibration-absorbing granite base mounted on passive 4-point shock absorption system
  • Avoidance of static disturbance factors by symmetrical portal construction
  • Positioning of the measuring objective via sliding stage with air bearings and 3-axis fine adjustment
  • Space-saving integration of the monitor. Monitor table not directly mounted to the measuring structure for better measuring results
  • Measurement and evaluation software IntelliWave
  • Applications
  • Options

  • Non-contact measurement and evlaution fo plano surfaces in the production of optics
  • Interferometer for optics up to 150 mm diameter

The interferometer measuring tower MarOpto MT 100 can optionally be expanded with a lens extension, lens protection and lens holder.