Increase utilization and productivity
With the Mahr Remote Monitor software tool, manufacturing companies monitor the status of their MarWin measuring stations and document their utilization. The data obtained is valuable in order to optimize processes and productivity in quality assurance. The Mahr Remote Monitor supports enterprises to operate their measuring stations even more economically.
Significant data on machine status
The networking of machines provides the insights needed in order to optimize processes. But to get these insights, meaningful data is required. This idea is taken up by the networked factory of Industry 4.0. Large amounts of data must become meaningful data (smart data).
Mahr has therefore set itself the task of making its products SMAHRTer in the future. The first step has been taken: Mahr machines supply and collect meaningful data on their machine status. This new system is called Mahr Remote Monitor.

Proof for future investments
Justify the proof of future investments with solid evidence of the utilization of your machines. Optimize your test processes by means of targeted evaluation of “capacity guzzlers“.

  • For use with MarWin measuring stations from the standard range of the product groups MarSurf, MarForm, MarShaft and MarGear
  • Can be operated with MarWin 10 or higher