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Mahr offers DFTC evaluation (Difference From True Circle)  in accordance with Delphi’s technical specifications for its MarForm MMQ 100, MMQ 150, MMQ 200, MMQ 400 tabletop form testers and the MarForm MFU 100 reference form tester.
This evaluation is a way of measuring roundness and identifying chatter marks at critical areas of rotationally symmetrical components. Critical areas, can, for example be the sealing or bearing points on drive shafts. Chatter marks and form deviations at these points lead to increased noise levels, sealing lip wear and leaks. The above evaluation method can be used to check whether the critical component areas comply with the defined limit values.

Measuring conditions: Stylus ball 1.6 mm maximum, (recommended: 1 mm)
Sampling speed: 6 RPM maximum (recommended: 2 RPM)
Probe measuring range: 0.5 mm
DFTC window (Deviation From True Circle) = 5 degrees
adjustable filters: 0 - 150 UPR, 0 – 500 UPR

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