MarConnect i-Stick Receiver for instruments with Integrated Wireless
  • Unlike conventional wireless solutions, which have a large external transmitter with separate battery, the transmitter in integrated wireless is fully integrated.
  • The lack of external cables and modules allows for high mobility
  • With integrated wireless, you can transfer your measured values to the PC using the i-Stick
    - As with a data cable, the measured values are accepted via the MarCom Software directly into MS Excel® or via a keyboard code into any Windows application
  • Safe and reliable data transfer
    - Instruments display messages confirming data has been received
    - Confirms being in range of i-Stick
  • Long battery life
    - Negates need for additional battery
  • With integrated wireless, you can connect up to 8 measuring instruments per i-Stick receiver
    - Expensive interface boes are no longer necessary
  • Technical data

Order no.Product typeNumber of channelsFrequency bandRadio rangeNumber of connectable wireless receivers for i-StickNumber of connectable measuring instruments with integrated wirelessFor measuring instrumentData interfaceHardware interfacesSystem requirements:Product weight
2400 MHz
Up to 6 m
MarCal 16 EWRi / 30 EWRi
MarCator 1086 Ri / 1086 WRi / 1087 Ri / 1087 BRi
Micromar 40 EWRi / 40 EWRi-L
IBM AT compatible PC / CD- / DVD-drive / MS Excel from version 97 onwards / MS Windows 7 / USB-interface from version 1.1 / minimum 10 MB free hard disk space
0.1 kg