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Running smoothy? Position-dependent magnetic field measurement for the optimum electric motor - Image
The operating principle of an electric motor is based on magnets and their properties. Without them it would not be possible to convert electrical energy into motion. In order to optimize an electric motor in terms of efficiency and noise level, the magnets used must meet the most precise...
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2020-02-14 | Know-how | Reilly, Karin
Smart Factory: New Standard for Metrology - Image
Networked, intelligent, self-controlling, resource-saving production – this is the high goal of Industry 4.0. To ensure that metrology also fulfills its role in this scenario, Mahr is working together with other manufacturers on a new communication standard based on OPC UA. Smart Factory,...
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2020-02-14 | Company | Reilly, Karin
Mahr at the NORTEC manufacturing fair - Image
At this year's NORTEC, Mahr presented its metrology portfolio for quality assurance and production together with 430 other exhibitors from all stages of the value chain. Trending topics under the leitmotif "Step into tomorrow!" were, among others, digital transformation, new...
Traceability of measurement results - Meeting standards through digitization  - Image
The joint development project between Mahr and Böhme & Weihs is based on the new Industry 4.0 capability of handheld measuring devices. The goal: The complete traceability of all recorded measurement results. Requirements that have always been an integral part of standards can now be...
Bestseller MarSurf: powerful overall package for your quality assurance - Image
Almost two years after its market launch, the MarSurf CD, GD and VD series for measuring contour and roughness breaks all records; never before have we sold so many machines in such a short time. The secret? The uniform, self-contained system: intuitive operation and enormous flexibility –...
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2020-01-15 | Know-how | Reilly, Karin
Analyzing surfaces: Is 3D better? - Image
In addition to the tried-and-tested, tactile measuring methods, optical 3D measuring devices offer you new insights into the structures of your workpiece surface. A corresponding standard has been around for years - but it is not well known. Find out here when the three-dimensional analysis offers...
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2019-10-18 | Products | Reilly, Karin
Measure better – with the MarSurf QE software - Image
Faster and easier measurement – the MarSurf QE software operator guidance combines your various measurement programs into one test plan and assumes the task of "job management" for recurring measurement tasks. The operator guidance is a framework program running under MarWin...
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2019-10-18 | Company | Reilly, Karin
Digitization & Automation at the EMO 2019 - Image
EMO 2019 in Hanover ended on September 21 after six trade show days. With around 117,000 international production experts from 150 countries at the fair, EMO 2019 continues in the footsteps of the boom year 2017. Trend topic: smart technologies The EMO’s motto alone sets the focus of...
Upgrade your unit: How to make more out of your surface measuring station - Image
With the MarSurf Engineered Series 001 and 002 you can effectively and economically improve your proven, standardized roughness and contour measurement methods. Equip your existing measuring station with optional additional modules to make it well-equipped and competitive against modern...
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2019-08-15 | Products | Reilly, Karin
Making wear visible - Image
Even in an established discipline such as engine technology, reducing friction remains one of the central development goals. Even if the friction behavior has improved significantly in the last ten to 15 years: There are still opportunities for optimization. In order to track down these potentials,...
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