Family & Career

Familie und Beruf

We believe that a family-friendly personnel policy creates prerequisites for a child-friendly and future-oriented society and is therefore an expression of perceived social responsibility. By acting in a family-friendly way, we contribute to the improvement of a family-friendly climate in society.

Workplace-oriented childcare

We have created workplace-friendly childcare facilities on our company premises in Göttingen: In addition to the nursery schools "Kinderkrippe Leinezwerge" and "Kinderkrippe Leinewichtel" which are run by the federal workers' welfare association AWO with 15 full-day places for children from 6 months to 3 years, the kindergarten “Leinepiraten” is run by a parent initiative and offers 20 full-day places for children from 3 to 6 years.

Working parents will experience a considerable reassurance in their daily lives, as they know their children are well-taken care of near their place of work.

In 2007, we were awarded the first prize as "The Most Family-Friendly Company in Southern Lower Saxony". In the following years, we received further awards with the "Special Prize for the founding of a company cooperation for the establishment and maintenance of a nursery school" (2009) and the "Special Prize for the Sustainable Development of Family-Friendliness at Mahr" (2012).

For us, these prizes and awards are a sign that our efforts to create working conditions that enable a family and work life to be reconciled are perceived.

Holiday childcare

We know that for families in which both parents are employed, the question of childcare in the holiday season is becoming more and more frequent. That is why, in cooperation with other companies in Göttingen, we have been providing support during the holidays for several years. Here the children are cared for every day by trained staff and are introduced to various topics from environment to sport.

Care of relatives

When relatives are in need of care, many things change in everyday life. In particular, when the need for care has come surprisingly, the question frequently arises as to how work and care can be organized.

We know that the number of employees who are responsible for caring for family members in addition to their professional is growing.

For this reason, we want to support and accompany our employees in various life situations, such as the care of their children or dependent relatives, regardless of whether they are already in a nursing situation or want to prepare for such a situation.