Management Mission

Our goal is to create a common basic understanding of leadership with the management guidelines. We are aware that the quality of the management determines the success of the company. Through the basis of a trusting cooperation, initiative, joy at work and the willingness to change are encouraged amongst the employees. We are convinced that this helps to secure the future of the company.

Lead with goals
The company's goals are continuously communicated to our employees. It is made clear what each and every individual can contribute to their achievement. Clear goals are agreed upon and space is created so that creativity, self-confidence and sense of responsibility develop, leading to the success of the company.

Share information
Timely information is a matter of course and an important prerequisite for the identification of the employees with the company and their motivation.

Promote team development
Successful companies are characterized by the fact that their employees have the ability to cooperate effectively - also across all areas. Team development is supported in the individual departments and across the entire company.

Show courage
Our executives make clear decisions, consistently implement them and take on personal responsibility. They are role models and stand by their employees.

Give feedback
The strengths and capacities of our employees are encouraged and used in a targeted manner. Our managers provide fair, constructive feedback on the behavior and the performance of the employees.

Our employees are productive and dedicated. The managers delegate tasks and in this manner show their   trust in their team, they use resources optimally and consciously create space for their own management tasks.

Show initiative
Only companies driven from within have long-term market shares. Our executives develop new ideas and strategies with their employees, which advance the company. They encourage their team to make changes and their own initiatives and support them in their implementation.