Metering Systems
Metering Systems

Mahr Metering Systems GmbH, formerly Mahr GmbH – Feinpruef Spinning Pump division, is a member of the Mahr group headquartered in Göttingen, Germany. Mahr was founded in 1861 in Esslingen by Carl Mahr, who developed the first length measurement technology. Still today, the family-run company is managed by its owners. The Mahr group with 1700 employees is a global leader of dimensional metrology equipment, highly accurate rotary stroke bearings, high precision metering gear pumps and Meter Mix technology.
In 1947, Mahr developed, under the company name “Feinpruef”, its first gear pump (so called spinning pump) with the support of Prof. Schlack, who invented the Nylon fiber (Polyamid 6) in 1938. The gear pumps were based on master gears, which were made by Mahr in Esslingen for the gear measurement technology. Since then, “Feinpruef” pumps or “Mahr” pumps are well known for their accuracy and reliability in the whole world.
Mahr Metering Systems is the world’s third largest manufacturer of metering gear pumps. The product range in this area covers, among others, melt (spinning) pumps, spin finish pumps, extrusion pumps, vacuum discharge pumps and pressure increase pumps. Originally developed for the synthetic fiber production, nowadays the scope of application of precise, low-pulsation and constant fluid metering technology is widened to many application fields, e.g. the pharmacy, the medicine technology, the painting industry and the automobile industry.

For over 15 years the product portfolio is extended to design and manufacturing of Meter Mix Dispense Machines for various applications, e.g. in the converting industry, in the area of composites and lightweight construction, in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and paper industries. As from August 1, 2018, Unipre GmbH in Werl, Germany, is a subsidiary of Mahr Metering Systems GmbH and operates under the company name Mahr Unipre. Since 1974 this company has been active on the market as a quality provider of Meter Mix Dispense Machines for processing of fluid plastics. At our new Mahr location in Werl, the machine business of Mahr Metering Systems and Mahr Unipre has been combined, and know-how of both companies, built up over the years, is now being focused and developed further on this location.

Mahr Metering Systems Corporation in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mahr Metering Systems GmbH and supplies US American and Canadian market since 1970.

Asian market, especially China is supported by an own sales and service office in Suzhou, China.