Metrology for precision manufacturing

Mahr Metrology for precision manufacturing.

What challenges are small and medium enterprises facing and how can Mahr assist in solving them to remain innovative and competitive?

The growing international competition, demographic changes and the rapid structural changes shake up the working conditions. Much of what is true today is tomorrow already passé. Working life becomes more and more intense, time and competitive pressure is increasing steadily.

Smaller companies are often highly specialized in their technology and in their focus on their customers. This enables them to be closer to the customers and to know their needs very well. The strong specialization makes them sensitive to problems and strengthens their abilities to develop and implement new concepts. The customer focus is therefore clearly in the foreground.

This means that the tasks of production measurement technology grown at high-speed growth parallel with the innovations in the production process. Precision metrology from Mahr supports these developments with customer- and application-oriented solutions. From the automated measurement solution from Mahr with a 100-percent testing up to the individual statistical testing, Mahr offers the right solution.