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Application: Contour measurement and contour evaluation with MarForm

The contour measurement and analysis extension package can be used in conjunction with
MarForm MMQ 400 and MFU 100, with the T7W measuring probe and with Mahr's MarWinevaluation software, comprising:

  • Contour measurement and evaluation software package
  • Probe arms for T7W, optimized for contour measurement

Contour measurement and contour evaluation optional for MarForm MMQ 400-2

In industrial manufacturing metrology the need for quick and easy measurement of workpiece profiles is on the rise. The wide variety of measuring tasks demand ever greater precision and optimum measuring strategies for the overall system.

With a view to reducing the costs and time associated with measuring tasks, there is a growing demand for a single machine for measuring form and position, roughness and contour. Decades of experience in contour metrology combined with the expectations of and feedback from our customers have helped to shape this new generation of devices.

What started some 30 years ago with the Conturograph, which was used for recording contours and comparing them with templates, has grown into a top-quality contour measuring system using cutting-edge technology. With the MarSurf XC 20 and MarSurf XC 2 contour software, Mahr customers can now rely on superb quality and safety.

So what would be more obvious than also to record and document roughness parameters such as Ra and Rz when testing your workpieces with a MarForm measuring instrument. And then after measuring the form and position features, also to carry out the contour tasks at the same time, without having to move the workpiece to a second measuring station.
Combine the checking of form and position tolerances with the monitoring of contour features and roughness parameters.

Advantages of MarForm MMQ 400-2 and the motorized T7W measuring probe:

  • Only from Mahr: 3-in-1 probe arm for greater accuracy, with automatic selection of roughness probe, stylus tip for contour measurement or probe arm for form and position
  • Only from Mahr: Time and cost savings, with just one clamping operation and one measuring procedure requiring no operator intervention
  • Only from Mahr: Easy to operate, with a common software program for form, position and roughness and for contours, all in 3D
  • Only from Mahr: MarForm MMQ 400-2 with high-precision linear axes for high-resolution measurement for contour recording and evaluation
  • Only from Mahr: Tried-and-tested form and roughness measuring equipment
  • Only from Mahr: Detailed, meaningful records for form, roughness and contour, all laid out on a single page