MarForm MMQ 100 Compact form measuring machine
The MarForm MMQ 100 form tester is the ideal solution for simple yet precise measuring tasks.
  • Fast and accurate measuring results
  • Mechanical bearings for reliability
  • Large measuring volume
  • Low weight and compact size for greater mobility
  • Fast, computer aided workpiece alignment
  • Centering and tilting knobs for coarse and fine adjustment
  • Universal and reliable
  • Workshop compatible, no compressed air connection required
  • Touchscreen design eliminates the need for a keyboard or mouse
  • Digital encoders in Z and X transfer the measuring position directly to the software
  • Technical data
  • Options
  • Versions

Roundness deviation (µm+µm/mm measuring height) *
0,025 + 0,0003
Roundness deviation (µm+µm/mm measuring height) **
0,05 + 0,0006
Axial runout deviation (µm+µm/mm measuring radius) *
0,02 + 0,0003
Axial runout deviation (µm+µm/mm measuring radius) **
0,04 + 0,0006
Centering and tilting table
Table diameter (mm)
Table load capacity, centered (N)
Speed (rpm) 50 Hz / 60 Hz
5 / 6
Positioning path (mm), Z axis
300, manual
Z axis positioning
Positioning path (mm), X axis
180, manual
Footer text
* Values as maximum deviation from LSC reference circle, filter 15 undulations/revolution.
** All values in accordance with DIN ISO 1101 at 20°C ±1°C in a vibration-neutral environment, filter 15 undulations/revolution LSC or 2.5 mm LSS, 5 rpm or 5 mm/s and standard probe arm with ball diameter 3 mm. Proof at the standard using error separation techniques. Given the number of different options available, only a few machines are described here by way of example. Technical data for "your" MMQ is available from Mahr on request.

  • AdvancedForm
  • Mahr QE QS-STAT data export

The MMQ 100 measuring station with EasyForm comes as a complete system. The MMQ 100 consists of the following:

  • MarForm MMQ 100
  • Digital encoders in X/Z
  • T20W probe
  • MarWin® EasyForm Software
  • MarWin PC with WIN 10 operating system
  • 24" TFT monitor
  • Touch sensitive touch screen monitor (optional)