MarSurf LD 130 Combined contour and surface measuring station
MarSurf LD 130 / LD 260. A step into a new dimension
Combined contour and roughness measurements in just one step comes courtesy of proven cutting-edge technology from Mahr metrology. The MarSurf LD 130 and MarSurf LD 260 measuring stations have been systematically developed to draw on the experience from the first generation of equipment.
  • Roughness and contour in just one step
  • High measuring and positioning speed cuts measuring times dramatically
  • Innovative probe system removal
  • Quick and reliable probe arm exchange with simultaneous probe arm detection by magnetic holder
  • Long measuring length up to 260 mm (MarSurf LD 260) with a measuring stroke of 13 mm (100 mm probe arm length) or 26 mm (200 mm probe arm length)
  • Modular construction for ease of maintenance
  • No need to fully dismantle the measuring stand for maintenance
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0.8 nm
Start of traversing length (in X)
0.1 mm
End of traversing length (in X)
130 mm
Positioning speed
0.02 mm/s to 200 mm/s
Measuring speed
0.02 mm/s to 10 mm/s;
for roughness measurements
0.1 mm/s to 0.5 mm/s is recommended
Measuring range mm

13 mm (100 mm probe arm)
26 mm (200 mm probe arm)

Traversing lengths
0.1 mm - 130 mm
Measuring force (N)
0.5 mN to 30 mN, software adjustable

Machine building
  • Roller bearings, threads, threaded rods, ball screws, shafts, racks, ball heads, valves

  • Measurement close to the production area
  • Contour and surface roughness measurement in semi-automatic and fully automatic operation

  • Automotive industry
  • Engine parts including cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft, valves, steering, gearbox, injection systems, turbocharger

  • Medicine
  • Contour and surface roughness measurement for hip and knee endoprostheses
  • Contour measurement for medical screws
  • Contour and surface roughness measurement for dental implants

  • Optics
  • Contour and surface roughness measurement of aspherical lenses

  • ST 750 measuring stand
  • Parallel V-block
  • V-block, equipment table
  • Measuring cabinet
  • Extensive range of probe arms

Software options:
  • Profile processing
  • Dominant waviness (WDc) for MarWin
  • ISO 13565-3 surface parameters
  • User defined parameters
  • Topography
  • Topography with MfM / MfM plus
  • Thread Evaluation 
  • Chamfer evaluation (in accordance with Bosch standard)
  • QS-STAT / QS-STAT Plus
  • Digital I/O set

  • MarSurf XCR 20 including midrange LD, MarWin software Easy Roughness & Contour, Mahr license key
  • TFT monitor
  • MCP 21 manual control panel
  • MarSurf LD 130 or LD 260 drive unit including LP D 14-10-2/60 LP D 14-10-500 probe system and probe arms
  • Calibration standard for contour 1, accuracy class 1
  • MarSurf ST 500 CNC measuring stand with 700 mm x 550 mm granite plate (including control module)
  • Dampening element set
  • CT 300 XY table