MarForm Software MarWin

Application: Cam profile evaluation

The cam profile evaluation extension package can be used in conjunction with MarForm
MMQ 400-2, MMQ 400-2 tailstock and MFU 100, with T7W measuring probe and with Mahr's MarWin 5 or higher evaluation software.

  • Create your camshaft measuring program quickly and flexibly, and with minimal effort
  • Use the Wizard to achieve improved measuring certainty

    The MarWin-based measuring and evaluation software AdvancedForm now includes a new Wizard. It can be used for measuring cam profiles from a circular movement with X-axis follow-up, and for cam profile evaluation and recording. The measurement and evaluation of cam profiles thus fits seamlessly into the AdvancedForm user interface where, along with the form and position measurement wizard, it can map even very extensive and complex measuring tasks as part of a teach-in program. This Quick&Easy Cam function (QE CAM) is covered by a separate, optional license, so the range of functions of the MarForm measuring machine can easily be extended at any time to meet new requirements. When the camshaft is clamped between centers, the record is produced in moments. The "motorized tailstock" option for the MarForm MMQ 400-2 saves time by eliminating the need to align the workpiece, thus optimizing your measuring process. You can load the nominal cam form as a file or create or edit it in a wizard. MarForm tracks this nominal form on the cam and shows you a detailed view of your cam profiles, with the tolerance bands you defined. You can then toggle between a contour view and a tolerance band deviation view using a freely definable form factor. Other cam-specific features such as stroke curve and cam angle are also evaluated. The QE CAM function also offers special evaluations such as the acceleration curve and velocity curve, calculated from the profiles. The additional references for the form and position features are easy to define with the AdvancedForm teach-in program. The principle here is "What you do is what you get"! With the probe arms you can choose from spherical, blade or disk measuring anvils. Unknown cams are measured automatically by the MarForm and can be used as reference data for your measurement series (tracking mode). This additional option for your MarForm measuring station extends its range of functions, making the workpiece testing process fast, efficient and comprehensive.