Precimar 826 PC Gage block comparator
The 826 PC gage block measuring instrument is quick, reliable and highly accurate. An open and extremely rigid L-shaped stand forms the base for the two counteracting precision measuring probes and the measuring table.
  • Rigid cast stand for temperature stability and heat resistance
  • Fast adjustment of vertical slide with top probe
  • Highly ergonomic, user friendly one-handed operation to position the gage blocks under the measuring probe
  • Precision adjustment via torsionally rigid parallelogram springs
  • Electropneumatic lifting of measuring probes
  • Precision ball bearing guides for smooth manipulator actuation
  • No influence on measurement from hand force
  • Round carbide precision support pins make it easy to move the gage blocks on the measuring table
  • Set value linked to the stored actual deviation of the reference gage block, avoiding the need for zero point setting

With QM-Block software:
  • Flattening correction
  • Correction of differing coefficients of expansion
  • Mean value generation
  • Technical data
  • Applications
  • Accessories

Stylus ball radius, lower probe
1.5 mm
Stylus ball radius, upper probe
1.5 mm
Stylus radius, lower probe
1.5 mm
Mounting hole for probe
8 mm
Application range mm
0.5 to 170
Direct measuring range [mm]
Repeatability [µm]
± 0,01
Mass [kg]
Table surface (A x B) mm
60 mm x 55 mm

  • Quick and easy high precision testing of European and US gage blocks up to 170 mm in length, as per ISO 3650

  • QMSOFT® / QM-Block calibration software for the calibration and data management of gage blocks and gage block sets
  • The evaluation program runs under Windows 7 Ultimate.
  • Excellent thermal insulation with wraparound acrylic glass screen
  • 826 Va HS lifting device for fast and quiet pneumatic lifting of inductive probes via foot switch
  • Temperature compensation
  • Pincers, gage block suction lifter, optical flat, lay-on thermometer