Measurement Capability Testing
The examination of the capability and monitoring of the stability of measurement processes aims to ensure that a measuring device at the site can measure a quality characteristic with sufficiently low scattering of the measuring values.
Studies on the measurement capability of your (newly procured) measuring instruments / equipment on your measuring objects is performed by Mahr's Application Engineering.


For the measurement capability testing, a process measurement is performed.

All ISO 9001 certified companies must apply suitable methods for the monitoring and measuring of processes. The capability of the processes must be verified. This of course applies in particular to the measuring instruments used.

ISO 9001  – Process monitoring – Is your measurement equipment capable?
Preventive maintenance in the form of regular maintenance and calibrations is implemented by more than 50 percent of Mahr customers. This is also recommended by Mahr and stated in the service plans as part of the product documentation.

Of course, it is at the discretion of each operator to check his measuring unit regularly with regard to capability. For these purposes, Mahr provides, inter alia, the necessary reference standards.

Is the instrument suited for the measurement tasks at each installation site? This question often seems not clearly answered. Environmental factors such as temperature changes or vibrations from other equipment may influence the measurement result and distort it.

Mahr has developed a method that can be complementary for preventive maintenance, but also in those cases where equipment is operated "on condition", i.e. until a failure occurs.

The additional time needed for the measurements which our specialists perform at your site is between one and one and a half hours, depending on the assessment and initial calibration of the instrument. If the unit meets the manufacturer's specifications, additional measurements are performed that allow a statement as to whether the device at each location is suitable (capable).

If the unit specification cannot fulfill the specification because of an error or defect, our service technicians will use the findings as the basis for a cost estimate for repair in the service report. If the device does not meet the specification because of environmental conditions, the operator may decide to improve conditions or extend the specification of the instrument for the particular installation location.

For measuring stations that are conform to specifications, you receive, in addition to the standard calibration of your device which we confirm with a Mahr seal, a statement that your device is suitable for the intended measurement tasks at the respective location.

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