Measuring Equipment Management

The tendency of companies to concentrate on core competentcies is constantly increasing. Ancillary processes such as testing equipment management or tool management are outsourced to specialists who can perform these tasks more effectively.
For testing equipment, Mahr offers service modules, providing a high level of service that frees the customer from having to manage this secondary process. By taking over tasks such as calibration, repair, and spare parts acquisition, Mahr also saves the customer the administrative costs that these involve. Description of service:

Description of service: Calibration / Metrology

  • Calibration of all brands of measuring and testing equipment in one of the Mahr laboratories.
  • Reception of calibration data from partners / calibration data forwarded to partners.
  • Calibrations on site.
  • Inventory management and inventory organization.
  • Repair of testing equipment.
  • General overhaul of Mahr measuring equipment.
  • Repair of all makes of measuring equipment.
  • Direct exchange of testing equipment.
  • Exchange instead of repair.
  • Exchange if calibrations turn out to be negative.
  • Acquisition of measuring instruments and equipment (general contractor).
  • Acquisition of all makes of measuring equipment, including measuring sizes outside the standard Mahr product range.
  • System advising, training.
  • Simplified order processing/transport/logistics.
  • Internal administration no longer required.
  • Collection service.
  • Peripheral services.

    Internal transport

When adapting these modules to the customer organization, Mahr Measuring Equipment Management is very flexible and offers various configuration levels and options. Customized system pre-planning is also part of the service, to ensure the best overall performance for customers. Naturally, Mahr's services comply with international standards such as ISO 17025. Whether the services need to comply with specific international standards or in-house requirements, high internal quality standards ensure that complex processes such as the control of measuring and testing equipment; which can be costly and involved, are performed efficiently and professionally.