Metering Systems
Metering Systems
Double-Port Gear Metering Pumps - MarSpin

The double-outlet gear metering pumps are the further development of single-gear pumps.
Depending on the application, you can choose between two different versions:
Three-gear metering pumps or stacked design in two layers.
The double-gear pumps from Mahr are mainly used in spinning and adhesive technology.
With a small footprint they offer the opportunity to realize 2 flow rates by using only one drive.

The product range for gear pumps can not be completey described due to the huge diversity of designs, as well as the application fields. Please contact us in case of requirement. We are pleased to provide detailed consultation and optimal solutions for you.

  • Technical Data
  • Material
  • Drive Options
  • Options
  • Stacked design
dimensions mm 66x70 80x122 80x132
flow per outlet cc/rev 0,1-3,3 3-30 3-30
counter pressure bar (max.) 500 500 500


  • Three-gear design
dimensions mm 78x95 80x145 100x180 160x280
flow per outlet cc/rev 0,1- 6 10-30 13-50 50-150
counter pressure bar (max.) 500 350 300 300


Material Field of application Admissible operating
temperature max. °C
Admissible cleaning temperature
max. °C

highly chromium alloyed high grade tool steel
with additions of vanadium, tungsten and molybdenum

  • for larger flow rates from 30 cc/rev
400 500

highly tungsten-, vanadium and
chromium alloyed high speed steel

  • extremely high wear-resistance
  • exclusively produced for Mahr
450 550

molybdenum tungsten vanadium and chromium alloyed high speed steel

  • highly wear-resistant
450 550

acid resistant nickel alloy, additions of molybdenum and chromium

  • very good resistance especially to mineral and organic acids
250 300

high chromium alloyed stainless steel, additions of nickel, molybdenum, and titanium

  • good resistance
  • good weldability
  • suitable for higher temperatures
  • suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as apparatus and pipeline construction
300 400

high chromium alloyed stainless steel, additions of molybdenum and vanadium

  • optimal combination of resistance to wear and corrosion
  • for use with chemically aggressive media


180 200

These materials are used in combination.

high chromium alloyed stainless
steel, additions of molybdenum and vanadium

Stellite S2
cobalt-based alloy with high chromium content and additions of tungsten and nickel

  • very good resistance and good polishability
  • suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries


  • highly wear resistant
  • corrosion resistant




high chromium alloyed stainless
steel, additions of nickel, molybdenum and

high chromium alloyed stainless
steel, additions of nickel, molybdenum and

  • high degree of hardness with excellent corrosion resistance
  • for highly stressed components









Coating technologies take a significant key position in the development of new products. The various coating technologies enlarge the application possibilities of the used base materials. Furthermore, a coating reduces friction, wear and corrosion. In principle, all the named materials can be coated depending on the specification.


Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) improves the properties:

  • high surface hardness
  • high wear protection
  • smaller coefficient of friction
  • better corrosion reduction to agressive media
  • higher chemical resistance / stability
  • non-stick effect (reduced adhesion of polymers and other materials)
  • high temperature firmness to 250°C
  • excellent accuracy to size (no change of the Mahr / Feinpruef specific high discharge accurancies)
  • high economic efficiency through longer endurance and improvement of the technological properties

DLC- coatings are biocompatible and facilitate also the use in the food industry and in the medical field.

The pump drive connection is available in following types:

  • shaft type
  • plug type

Gear pump with motor

  • Base plate
    • with mounting block
  • Coupling
    • curved tooth coupling
    • cardan shaft
    • all-steel coupling
    • magnetic coupling
  • Motor
    • asynchronous gear motor
    • servomotor / servo gear motor
    • synchronous gear motor

The drive units are designed according to the operating conditions.

Sealing systems for the gear pumps

  • stuffing box seal
  • rotary shaft seal
  • labyrinth sealing
  • mechanical seal
  • magnetic coupling


Atex Directive II2Gc

A version according to ATEX directive is available for the pump, as well as for the drive.


Heating or  cooling for the gear pumps

Heating or cooling can be provided electrically, as well as by the thermal fluid.