Metering Systems
Metering Systems
Discharge and Pressure Increase Gear Pumps

Discharge pumps with low product shearing ensure an optimal discharge of viscous polymer melts of reactors.
The discharge pumps can be supplied with double-heating jacket or electrically heated.

Booster pumps are usually performed as an inline pump. They are mainly used after an extruder or a discharge pump. They create appropriate filling pressure for the following pumps or tools. Booster pumps are also used as dosing pumps to ensure a smooth and gentle dosing and conveying polymer melts in the production of foils, films, profiles, granules, etc.
Booster pumps are unheated, heated electrically heated or available with double jacket for liquid or steam heating.

Mahr Discharge and Pressure Increase Gear Pumps are available in different technical designs and there are too many variations to have real standard types. Therefore please contact us in order to get the right proposal for your application.

  • Technical Data
  • Material
  • Drive Options
  • Options
flow cc/rev 100-3000
counter pressure bar (max) 700
Material Field of application Admissible operating
temperature max. °C
Admissible cleaning
temperature max. °C

These materials are used in combination.


corrosion reistant, non-hardenable cast stainless stell with elements of chromium, nickel and molybdenium

molybdenum tungsten vanadium and chromium alloyed high speed steel

  • for components to double-walled, liquid heated pumps


  • highly wear-resistant

For non-corrosive applications.

450 500

These materials are used in combination.


korrosionsbeständiger nicht härtbarer Edelstahlguss mit Bestandteilen aus Chrom, Nickel und Molybdän

high chromium alloyed stainless steel, additions of molybdenum and vanadium

  • for components to double-walled, liquid heated pumps

  • optimal combination of resistance to wear and corrosion
  • for use with chemically aggressive media

For corrosive applications.

180 200


The pump drive connection is available in following types:

  • shaft type

Gear pump with motor

  • Base plate
    • with mounting block
  • Coupling
    • curved tooth coupling
    • cardan shaft
    • all-steel coupling
    • magnetic coupling
  • Motor
    • asynchronous gear motor
    • servomotor / servo gear motor
    • synchronous gear motor

The drive units are designed according to the operating conditions.

Sealing systems for the gear pumps

  • stuffing box seal
  • rotary shaft seal
  • labyrinth sealing
  • mechanical seal
  • magnetic coupling


Atex Directive II2Gc

A version according to ATEX directive is available for the pump, as well as for the drive.


Heating or  cooling for the gear pumps

Heating or cooling can be provided electrically, as well as by the thermal fluid.