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Guias de esferas
Mahr decouples plug gage

For a tactile length measurement, the guides in the measurement systems used must have a low bearing friction
and move absolutely backlash-free, however, stick-slip-free. For a precise measurement, a probe must be
decoupled from interfering lateral forces without the measurement result itself being changed. Rotary stroke
bearings are trimmed for smooth running are the first choice here.

The profile of production rolls in the paper, steel and
aluminum industry is monitored for profile changes of
a few micrometers. The measurements on the
meter-long rolls are performed in the production
line on spinning reels.

The probe used is located in a sealed enclosure that
protects it from dirt and water. The plungers for the
transmission of the measuring path of the roller on
the probe is passed over two parallel rotary stroke
bearings which receive the transverse forces
generated during the test drive, without affecting
the accuracy of the measurement.

The MarMotion High Precision Rotary Stroke Bearing
is the ideal guide element in precision engineering. It
enables the implementation of high-precision
movements. Applications can be found in positioning
systems such as XY tables or hexapods and in
measuring equipment and measuring devices.
Rotary stroke bearings from Mahr are suitable for
linear movements, rotational movements and
combined linear and rotating movements.