MarSurf CM expert 3D surface measurement
Automatable, high-end measuring system
The MarSurf CM expert is a powerful confocal microscope for the three-dimensional measurement and analysis of surfaces – contactless, independent of material, and fast

The MarSurf CM expert is suitable for use in test laboratories and equipped for quality assurance in production environments due to its robust construction and insensitivity to environmental influences. 

With additional manual Z positioning, a large x and y travel range and the possibility of automation, it offers excellent ease of use. The option of performing user-independent, fully automatic measurements makes this surface measuring system ideal for straightforward and efficient use in quality assurance. 

Key benefits:
  • User-independent serial measurements by automation software
  • High measuring speed – even at full resolution
  • User-friendly concept 
  • Safety through collision detection in all directions to protect your workpiece and measuring system
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) function, 16-bit
  • Consistent high resolution output of large measuring surfaces due to HD stitching

This established optical measuring system is successfully used, for example, for:
  • Roughness measurement according to DIN EN ISO 4287 / 25178 
  • Topography measurement (including volume, wear, isotropy)
  • Measurement of microgeometry and layer thicknesses

Users value the reliability of this measuring system, which provides quantitative, traceable 3D characteristics for many industries .
  • Dados técnicos
  • Aplicações
  • Escopo de fornecimento

Velocidade de medição
up to 100fps
up to 2 (nm) vertical
Princípio de medição
High-performance LED (505nm / white)
Collision detection in xyz direction
Alimentação de tensão
100 - 240 V
ISO 4287, ISO 13565, ISO 25178, …
Positioning volume x
100 mm
Positioning volume y
100 mm
Positioning volume z
70 mm

Mechanical Engineering
To qualify and quantify roughness, geometry and wear volume

Electronics and semiconductors
Component inspection down to the sub-micrometer range for defect-free products

Medical Technology
Quality assurance of medical surfaces in production and laboratory

Material Science
Optimization of functional properties of new surfaces and products

Microsystems Technology
Measure complex surface geometries of smallest components with nanometer precision

MarSurf CM expert

  • Confocal measuring head
    • HDR camera (B/W or color camera)
    • 4x lens revolver with identification
  • L-tripod including control electronics
  • Motorized XY table (100x100 mm) with glass scales for sample positioning and image field merging ("stitching")
  • Motorized Z-axis (70 mm) with glass measuring scale
  • Measuring system computer with 24" TFT monitor
  • Objective lenses:
    • 5x to 100x selectable
  • MarSurf MSW for intuitive data acquisition
  • MarSurf ASW for automation (optional)
  • MarSurf MfM for professional evaluation, graphical representation and creation of measuring records
    (choice of Standard, Extended or Premium version)