Precimar SM 60 Length measuring bench
The Precimar SM 60 is a user-friendly measuring instrument for fast, precise outside measurements on workpieces.
  • Simple instrument design
  • Quick adaptation to new workpieces
  • Rugged construction makes it suitable for use close to production
  • Freely selectable measuring equipment (e.g. digital dial indicator, measuring probes, etc.)
  • Carbide measuring surfaces
  • Integrated coupling protects the measuring equipment
  • Wide choice of measuring attachments
  • Suitable for left- and right-handed operators
  • Large support table, Ø 60 mm, with variable height adjustment
  • Dados técnicos

Dimensões do aparelho (CxLxH) [mm]
285 x 80 x 100 (ohne Bedienelemente) 290 x 140 x 120 (mit Bedienelemente)
Campo de aplicação [mm]
0 - 60
Campo de medição direto [mm]
Forças de medição [N]
1 ± 0.2 + measuring force of measuring system
Massa [kg]